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  • November 8, 2011
  • 5 minutes read

New Activities For FJP On The Campaign Trail

New Activities For FJP On The Campaign Trail

"Street Cinema", "Coffee Shop Visit", "Puppet Theatre", "Poetry", "supporting orphan and less privileged couples”, “Car tours” and launching elections campaigns from the squares that witnessed the January 25 Revolution demonstrations were the most prominent means used by the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt, monitored by IkhwanWeb to communicate with citizens in the various governorates of Egypt.

In Cairo, FJP youths devised several new and innovative political representation methods entitled: "Street Cinema Campaign" which included artistic performances of party songs and "clips" in the various districts of Shubra-Misr and Roud-el-Farag, and in front of Metro stations in order to introduce the man in the street to the FJP program and its most important features, in a simple, straight-forward way.

The MB and the FJP of Matareyah, Cairo set up a puppet theatre next to an Eid prayer hall where children and their families flocked to watch and enjoy the show.

In Beheira, Dr. Mohamed Jamal Heshmat and Manal Ismail, FJP and Democratic Alliance electoral list candidates, as part of their elections campaign, toured the shops and cafes of the governorate.

In Menoufia, FJP candidate campaigns saw them repeatedly touring governorate districts, distributing sheets and labels introducing party candidates competing for ‘individual’ and ‘list’ seats, in order to make it easier for the voters to identify candidates.

In Gharbiya governorate, the FJP organised entertainment parties for children, which included a puppet theatre, a collection of songs and instant-win contests, and an ‘Aragoz’ (puppet) show.

The MB made a public invitation to the people of Mahalla city to attend an Eid festival in the open club.

The MB also held (in Mahalla el-Kobra), in coordination with the FJP, the annual event that’s been organised every year, for a number of years now, to help orphan and less privileged couples of the city get married by supporting them financially. Dr. Hanan Samak, the party’s candidate, handed out the ceremony’s awards.

In Upper Egypt, and in the presence of more than 600 families of the Awlad Nijm village – in Qena Governorate – the FJP held a symposium to introduce the party and its candidates’ electoral program. In the symposium, one MB youth read some poetry describing Egypt before and after the revolution.

In Kafr El-Sheikh, Brotherhood youths organised several recreational and artistic sketches in addition to a puppet theatre, attended by many young people and children as well as their families.

In Damietta, the FJP went on a ‘Cars Tour’ that drove around Markaz al-Zarqa villages, yesterday evening.

Also, yesterday evening, in ‘Midan al-Horreya’ (Freedom Square), which witnessed the Egyptian Revolution’s demonstrations in Damietta, the FJP held a fabulous art festival to celebrate the launch of the party’s campaign for its candidates, with the participation of the Secretary of the Party and members of the Party Secretariat and a number of candidates.

Large display screens were set up in the square and showed to a massive audience documentaries about the achievements of the FJP, and progress of the party’s candidates for the parliamentary elections 2011.