New Arrest Campaigns in Qaliubeya and Kafr Al-Sheikh

Continuing the chain of arrest campaigns among the Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt, yesterday’s afternoon, the Egyptian Central Security Forces and the authorities responsible for executing judgements  and verdicts, along with forces from “Shebin Al-Qanater” centre in Qaliubeya, have arrested a group of Ahmed Khattab’s supporters. Ahmed Khattab is a lawyer and the MB’s elector in the Shura elections in Shebin Al-Qanater and Al-Khanka departments.

These attacks and arresting actions took place in the morning. The houses of the detainees were on big mess and chaos after these attacks because of the vulgar security forces who detained 11 members of the MB whose names are:

1. Al Sayed Abdul- Fattah Mahmood.
2. Atef Gaweesh.
3. Gamal Al- Mukh.
4. Mohamed Selim Al- Shelh.

And they were not able to arrest both “Mohamed Hosni Nassar” and “Ahmed Mohammed Hassan”. While they have taken “Ayman Al- Sayed Ahmed Ghonayman” , “Mohamed Sobhi Matar” and “Maher Othman” as hostages in order to have in return the persons they want to arrest, who are the former ’s brother “Ahmed Al- Sayed Ahmed Ghonayman”, and “Maher Othman ’s brother” “Mohamed Othman”.

There were other arrest campaigns in “Meet Ghamr”, Daqahleya where the MB member “Khaled Al-Deeb” is candidated and elected. The authorities arrested both “Sami Abu Hussein”, a merchant, and “Mohamed Al- Sahrawy”, a teacher.

The  Egyptian Security Forces also have had a similar campaign at the city and department of Al-Khanka. They arrested “Mohamed Mosleh Fares”, but couldn’t find Eng. “Ahmed Maher” and “Yassin Ali Abdul- Maqsood”.

They have, as well, attacked the city of “Al- Deir”, Shebin Al-Qanater, and arrested another group of the Muslim Brotherhood elector’s supporters. Those detained are:

1. Ahmed Mohamed Abdul- Monef, an employee at the Ministry of Finance.
2. Mustafa Mohamed Saad, an expert of Educational journalism.
3. Mohamed Helmi Abdul- Haleem, an employee in the Health Insurance.
4. Mohammed Saeed Mahdi, a teacher.

Today they have begun prosecution at Shebin Al-Qanater, and the prosecution had a verdict of releasing 3 of them, and 1 of them have already been released, while the State’s security forces have again arrested the other two persons who are “Ayman  Al- Sayed Ahmed Ghonayman” and “Al Sayed Abdul- Fattah Mahmood”, and the investigations are still running with the others.

Mr. Mohsen Radi, a member in the Parliament, has stated that this number of arresting acts is just a continuation of the arrest campaigns the Egyptian regime having  against the MB leaders and members before modernizing of the Shura council elections which are expected to take place on June 11 this year.

Radi also has confirmed on a special statement to “Ikhwan web” that these arresting acts are quite predicted and expected for the MB. As it became an old steady policy made by the Egyptian regime because they are no more able to have a fair election poll infront of the MB members who affect the Egyptian society more, and are more desired by them (Egyptian society). He added, “ The Egyptian regime is not able to find a better solution to get rid of the MB’s increasing effect on people; that’s why it continues its daily arrest campaigns.

The arrest campaigns were also in Kafr Al- Sheikh:

The fierce and aggressive campaigns have been continued by Kafr Al- Sheikh’s security forces today (Wednesday) at dawn where 10 people, supporters of Dr. Al- Ghobashi Al- Itawi, the MB candidate in Balteem, Hamool, and Riyad, were detained. Their names are:

From Hamool Department:

1. Shahdi Abdul- Nabi, a teacher.
2. Sami Al- Seshtawi, an employee at the city council.
3. Mohamed Saqr who is supposed to get married the next week.

Billa Department:

1. Sabry Al- Marghani, taxes official.
2. Reda Ghali.
3. Hamed She’eesha’.

Balteem Department:  Mansour Wafa, a teacher.

Al- Reyad Department:  Rasool Mahrous, a teacher.

And the child “ Diaa Ahmed Yousuf” who is 13 years old, was arrested by the Egyptian authorities instead of his brother “Ali Yusuf” whom they haven’t found home, and the child was released afterwards, as well as two others who were detained and then released again.

It’s worth noting that these arrest campaigns are continuing daily in departments where the MB members and leaders are elected in the Shura Council. The number of detainees during only the last 2 days has, sadly,  reached more than 80 members