New Campaign to Help Lebanese

For more than two weeks, the Lebanese people have been suffering from the brutal Zionist aggression, which resulted in the martyrdom of hundreds, injury of thousands, mostly women and children, and the displacement of hundreds of thousands from their homes.

Social and civil society institutions are doing their best in providing shelters, food and medicine for the emigrants. A big number of the Lebanese communities coordinated with each other to achieve the mission successfully, Islamic Da’wa Center- headed by Mr. Shafeeq al- Kosa- is agreed to manage this coordination, receive the aids and distribute them according to needs.

So we ask for sending aids to:


(Relief)- Islamic Da’wa Center in Beirut

Account no. 5367 (al- Baraka bank- main branch- Rasheed Kramy st.)


Or sending them to one of the following societies:


Name of society

Account number


Subulul khair Society in Lebanon(Lebanese Beneficence ways Society)

`Udah bank- al- thareef branch- account no. 513690 461 02 029


Al-Irshad al- khairiah Society (the Beneficiary Guidance Society)- Beirut

Beibluos bank- Tripoli– account no. 50 02 251 447445 0 1


Al- Hai’a Al-Islamiah lil- re’ayah (the Islamic Authority for Care)

Al- ryadh Beirut bank- Saida- account no. 49 01 62209 62146 2


Al- Jam’yah al- Islamiah lil- Re’ayah wal– Inma’ (the Islamic Society for Care and Development) the border area

Beirut and Arab countries bank- Haseeba- account no. 20459910


Al- aw’i wal Muwasah al- Khairyah ( Beneficiary Society for Awareness and Assistance)-–al- Kharoup province

France bank 03 46 2221791867 94


Jam’yatul –abrar al- khayria al- Islamiah (Abrar (Devotees) Beneficiary Islamic Society)- al-Beqa’

The Arab Finance House-–account no. 100000001206


Aljam’yatul- ttebyah al-Islamiyah (the Islamic Medical Society)- Beirut

Beibluos bank- independence st.- account no. 6300200252791205


Aljam’yatul- ttebyah al-Islamiyah (the Islamic Medical Society)- Tripoli

The Lebanese French bank- Tripoli- account no. 245251040


Or to any society with which you deal, if so, please contact Islamic Da’wa Center to coordinate with it.

Really it is a huge responsibility; the emigrants are about to be million, most of them needing all kinds of assistance, especially food, medicine and shelter.

I call all the Lebanese, and the charitable people every where to assume the responsibility to relieve the pains of women, Children and the aging, and to help the Mujahed (struggling) Lebanese to face this brutal Zionist aggression.

Beirut, 28 Jumada ІІ, 1427 H

24/7/2006 A.D.

The consultant Sheikh Faisal Mawlawi’s

E- mail: [email protected]

Tel. 01 7419012     Fax: 00961 1 354522       

P.O. 6792-13 Shoran   Lebanon- Beirut 1102 2150


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