New committee against judaization schemes inaugurates its work in Jerusalem

New committee against judaization schemes inaugurates its work in Jerusalem

The Jerusalemite committee against demolition and relocation (Hema) declared the inauguration of its formal work on Saturday, stressing that its establishment is aimed to defend occupied Jerusalem against the Israeli judaization schemes.

The inauguration of this committee was announced during a news conference held at the Ambassador hotel in Jerusalem.

The committee said that it would work on confronting the escalating Israeli policy of demolition and coercive evacuation used against the Palestinians in the holy city.

For his part, Sheikh Ekrema Sabri, the Aqsa Mosque Imam, emphasized the seriousness of internationalizing Jerusalem, saying that those who call for the internationalization do not realize the dangerous impacts of this project on Jerusalem.

Sheikh Sabri added that the internationalization of Jerusalem would deprive Arabs and Muslims from their sovereignty over the holy city and would be like new occupation, noting that the Palestinian people had rejected this project since 1947.

In another related context, the anti-Zionism and racism society in Jordan held on Saturday evening a preparatory symposium aimed to develop a national consensus to confront the projects that seek to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict at the expense of Jordan.

The participants warned, in a statement, of the risks of the alternative homeland and the Zio-American conspiracy in this regard that is approved by some Arab leaders, noting that there is unanimity within Israel on the adoption of the right-wing proposal of establishing an alternative homeland for Palestinians in Jordan.

The statement demanded the Jordanian government to lodge a complaint with the UN Security Council and call for discussing this serious challenge in a special session held by the Arab League.

The statement underlined that the alternative homeland idea is based on the termination of the Palestinian refugees’ right to return to occupied Palestine and the resettlement of Palestinians in other countries, warning the Jordanian government of not taking into account the serious consequences resulting from implementing this scheme.