New Draft Law for Parties , a New Fruit of Brotherhood-Front Cooperation

In the farm work of cooperation with opposition MPs, the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc studies a draft law pertaining to Parties Law, prepared by the president of the Unified National Front for Change, Yahya el-Gamel, a Professor of constitutions at Cairo University.
The new bill designs a new formula for launching parties that grants a release form the government control. It licenses new parties just upon informing the Parties Committee that should be independent. It, moreover, calls on the abolishment of Parties Court. In stead, the rulings of the Administrative Court in relation to parties’ disputes should be abiding for the government.
’The new draft law reflects the eagerness of the Brotherhood’s MPs to engage into productive cooperation regards issues that bring about political reform; the parties’ law on the top. The Brotherhood regards this law as an obstructive measure for the reform since it puts parties, its establishment and its competencies, under the government dominance,’ said Hussein Muhammad of the Brotherhood’s MPs.
The MB’s bloc places the bill under scrutiny to evaluate its feasibility. If the bloc approves the draft law, it along with the parliamentary opposition will press for its appearance on the legislature’s agenda. In fact, this draft law differs form the Practice of Political Rights law introduced by the opposition to the outgoing parliament.