New governors sworn in Saturday

New governors sworn in Saturday

In response to the demands of opposition forces and political activists PM Essam Sharaf removed several governors appointing nine army officers and eight police officers in addition to civilians.

In normal circumstances, based on the suspended constitution of 1971, the president is the only official who has the right to appoint or sack governors.

The swearing in of governors was taken Saturday before Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi and Prime Minister Essam Sharaf.

The newly appointed governors include:
The new governors include:

Abdel-Kawi Ahmed Khalifa (Cairo)
Ali Abdel-Rahman Yousef (Giza)
Essam Ahmed Ahmed Salem (Alexandria)
Ahmed Zaki Mohamed Hassan Abdeen (Kafr El-Sheikh)
Mohamed Magdi Ahmed Helmy Kabisi (Red Sea)
Samir Abdel-Monem Ahmed Salam (Minia)
Mustafa Ahmed Ahmed (Aswan)
Mohamed Abdel-Fadil Mohamed Shousha (South Sinai)
Ahmed Hussein Mustafa Ibrahim (Ismailia)
Gamal Ahmed Embabi Salman (Wadi Al-Gedid)
Abdel-Wahab Ibrahim Mabrouk (North Sinai)
Wadaah Mohamed Farag El-Hamzawy (Souhag)
Maher Mohamed Ali El-Damati (Beni Suef)
Mohamed Abdel-Monem Hashem (Suez)
Mohamed Ali Mohamed Imam (Damietta)
Taha Mahmoud Mohamed (Marsa Matrouh)
Mahmoud Asem Gad Mahmoud Afifi (Fayoum)
Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Abdallah (Port Said)
Khaled Fouda Sedik Mohamed (Luxor)
Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Yehia Hafzi (Daqahleya)
Mabrouk Mohamed Mahdi Mabrouk (Beheira)
Mohamed Mustafa Ahmed El-Fakarani (Gharbeya)
Ibrahim Hamad Mohamed Hamad (Assiut)
Emad Shehata Michael Polis (Qena)
Adel Zayed (Qalyubeya)
Mohamed Abdel-Kader Abdallah (Sharqeya)
Ashraf Mohamed Hassan Hilal (Monofeya)

Approximately 5000 protestors however demonstrated for the second day in a row against the newly appointed Governor of Qena in Upper Egypt, General Emad Shehata Michael who was the head of the general bureau for investigating tax evasion. The protestors accused the new Governor of being a part of the former Mubarak regime.