New Interior Minister vows SS powers will be limited

New Interior Minister vows SS powers will be limited

The newly appointed Interior Minister Mansour Essawy has confirmed that the ministry will hold any State Security officer who violated the rights of the people accountable.

In an attempt to calm the people he stressed that State Security headquarters are currently under control of the armed forces. Following concern about incriminating documents burnt by police officials he ascertained that if that were the case it was of no concern since the originals are kept within the main branch of the State Security.

According to recorded reports some of the worst human rights violations have been documented while attempting to suppress dissent against Mubarak’s 30-year dictatorial rule.

Mansour highlighted that the ministry will limit the functions and powers of State Security to combating terrorism only. Formerly Under the ousted dictator Mubarak Egypt’s State Security Investigations was given a free hand by emergency laws and was considered the most powerful symbols of the former regime.

The new minister is expected to swear his oath before the head of Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Hussein Tantawi, on Wednesday, along with other appointed Cabinet members nominated by Prime Minister Essam Sharaf.

Mansour called for the rebuilding of trust between Egyptian citizens and police stressing it was significant if the latter were to effectively perform their duties.

Related, sources report that Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has announced he will personally oversee a proposal to transfer the State Security services and the office of the Attorney General to the direct supervision of the Cabinet.