• June 18, 2013
  • 3 minutes read

New Luxor Governor Vows to Stimulate and Support Tourism with All Resources

New Luxor Governor Vows to Stimulate and Support Tourism with All Resources

In a press statement, Adel As’aad Al-Khayat, new Governor of Luxor, said he is determined to boost tourism in the governorate, explaining that, in the coming days, he will hold meetings with the Chamber of Tourism and specialists on tourism affairs, and will call on the Ministers of Tourism and Antiquities to develop a joint work program to stimulate tourism.

"I will discuss the problems of tour guides in Luxor, as well as all workers in the field of tourism, in search for real solutions.

"The first problem we must solve, for tourism to recover, is the security issue. Any tourist who get a visa to visit the country, has a binding contract with the State that it will protect him or her, their family, and their belongings, and provide them with all necessary guarantees so they enjoy their visit to Luxor and its monuments."

In response to allegations made by hostile media about his possible involvement in the massacre of Luxor back in1997, Khayat said: "All these are fabrications, fables and fantasies of sick minds – all totally unfounded. I have never been accused of any wrongdoing. My record is completely clean. I was never involved in any crimes".

Regarding protests and demonstrations called by certain parties objecting to his appointment, Khayat said he will sit with everyone, discuss their demands, and explain his plans for the development of tourism and for finding solutions to all problems of the province, explaining that he is here to resolve all crises faced by Luxor citizens.

Khayat stressed that as soon as he became governor of Luxor, he dropped his partisan affiliations, and that to him, all citizens are equal.

Meanwhile, in a statement Tuesday, Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya (The Islamic Group – of which Khayat was a leading member) denounced the persistent flow of lies generated and circulated by certain media about the new governor of Luxor in an attempt to mislead and incite public opinion against Islamists at large.

Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya’s statement said: "Khayat has never been arrested, let alone accused in any legal cases. A civil engineer by profession and qualification, he reached the position of Undersecretary of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. Khayat’s latest job was deputy head of southern Upper Egypt development authority, until he was sworn as governor of Luxor before the President. He is well-known for his competence".