New photos of soldiers rejoicing at killing, arresting Palestinians exposed

New photos of soldiers rejoicing at killing, arresting Palestinians exposed

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, — The Israeli Shovrim Shtika (breaking the silence) organization unveiled pictures posted by Israeli soldiers on the internet showing them standing beside Palestinian detainees or dead bodies rejoicing over what they had done.

The pictures, showing Israeli soldiers with handcuffed and blindfolded Palestinians or dead bodies lying on the ground, illustrated the pleasure the Israeli soldiers normally find in killing and arresting Palestinians.

Shovrim Shtika said that the pictures that were revealed yesterday and today proved that this phenomenon is much broader than individual incidents, adding that it launched a campaign against the Israeli army which denies the spread of such incidents.

This new revelation came one day after a female soldier posted on Facebook pictures showing her smirking at handcuffed and blindfolded Palestinian detainees next to her.

For its part, the prisoners’ center for studies called on international human rights organizations to necessarily follow up the Israeli violations committed against Palestinians and detainees at military checkpoints.

This appeal was made in reaction to the pictures of suppressed Palestinian detainees posted on Facebook by an Israeli female soldier yesterday.

Director of the center Ra’fat Hamdouna said in a statement Tuesday that Israel’s violations against Palestinian citizens and detainees went too far and became unbearable, similar to what happens in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo prisons.