New publications on Egypt include

New publications on Egypt include

Human Rights Watch’s latest report, “Anatomy of a State Security Case: The ‘Victorious Sect’ Arrests,” demonstrates how state security investigations use torture and arbitrary detention to force confessions (December 11, 2007). Click here for Arabic.

In “Public Debate on the Political Platform of the Planned Muslim Brotherhood Party in Egypt,” L. Azuri reviews major debates in the Egyptian and Muslim media of the draft Muslim Brotherhood platform (Middle East Media Research Institute, Inquiry and Analysis Series no. 409, December 11, 2007).

A recent report by al-Nadeem Canter for the Rehabilitation of the Victims of Torture, “al-Ta’thib fi Misr” (Torture in Egypt), accused the Egyptian government of officially sanctioning torture and documented numerous torture cases in 2004-2006 (December 5, 2007).

In Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun (The Muslim Brothers), Khalil al-Anani analyzes the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s intellectual, social, and political discourses, the evolution of its relationships with society and the ruling establishment, and its stances on various social and political issues (Cairo: Dar El-Shorouk, December 2007).

In “The New Protest Movements in Egypt: Has the Country Lost Patience?” Ahmad Baha’eddin Shaaban documents the emergence of new protest movements in Egypt, including