New terrible Sweep of Arrests against MBs today

New terrible Sweep of Arrests against MBs today

Wide scale sweeps of arrests have been launched today (Tuesday Feb. 20, 2008) since dawn by the Egyptian security forces against Muslim Brotherhood (MB) affiliates.

Arrest campaigns have been taking place against the MB members in more than 6 governorates today. The number of detainees is not yet determined as the detentions are still continuing in some places. However, it reached 100 detainees till the time of writing such news.

The number of MB members arrested in Giza governorate has reached 18. Names of detainees are:

 Dr. Hisham Al-Gabbar.

 Dr. Mostafa Higazy.

 Ashraf Hassan.

 Ali Gaber.

 Yahya Rizq.

 Ahmed Hamed.

 Ayman Hodhod.

 Tarek Hanafi.

 Magdy Helmi.

 Hassan Al-Beshbeeshi.

 Osama Ref’at.

 Seif Rashwan.

 Abu-Bakr Ghaly.

 Abdul-Hameede Mandy.

 Mohamed Abdul-Fattah.

 Ramadan Ateya.

 Mohamed Taha Al-Taweel.

 Dr. Ali Al-Qambashawi.

Names of MB detainees arrested today in Minya governorate known to Ikhwanweb till now are:

 Dr. Ali Ahmed Omran.

 Mamdouh Mabrouk Abdul-Wahhab.

 Hussein Sultan.

 Khaled Omar.

 Diaa Qotb.

 Nadi Sha’ban.

 Mohamed Haleem.

 Eid Sayed Abdul-Hameed.

 Amin Abdul-Aziz.

 Mohamed Fouad.

 Abdel-Reheem Abdel-Salam.

 Khalifa Radi. His age has exceeded 60 and has had an open heart operation recently because of his health deterioration.

 Nagah Ahmed Ali.

 Abdel-Nasser Ahmed.

 Emad Ata from Mallawi city, Minya governorate.

It is noteworthy that the number of detainees in Minya has reached 20.

20 members were detained today in Qaliubeya governorate. Names of the detainees known till now are:

 Fathy Abulenein.

 Ali Al-Sharkawy.

 Ahmed Al-Muslimani.

 Saad El-Gamal.

 Kamal Mahmoud Mosaad.

 Amer Aburrahman.

 Mahmoud Khattab.

 Mahmoud Aglan.

 Ashraf Abdul-Aleem.

 Mohamed Suliman.

 Gamal El-Nassag.

 Mohammed Abdel-Mageed Dosouky, an engineer and MB candidate in 2005 Parliamentary elections.

 Dr. Ayman El-Kafrawy.

 Omar Shaheen.

 Abdullah Al-Khouly.

 Mohsen Al-Kwaliny.

 Sayed Hanafi.

 Hassan Nour.

9 members were arrested today in Sohag governorate. Names of the 9 detainees are:

 Dr. Mohamed Hassan Al-Masry, a hospital manager.

 Mohamed Kamel Al-block, general manager in electricity department.

 Gad Al-Nazhy Al-Sayed, manager of Al-Sahaba association.

 Ahmed Mahfouz Mahfouz, a school deputy.

 Saad Mahfouz Abdul-Hafez, a school manager.

 Nour El-Deen Megahed Abdul-‘al, works in the ministry of education.

 Hamdy Mahmoud Abdel-Kereem, a school head-master.

 Alaa El-Deen Ahmed, an engineer.

 Al-Sayed Al-Badry Abdullah, a general manager whose house was brutally attacked during the raid, and the security forces assaulted his wife and children.

The number of detainees in Cairo is not yet determined. The names known to Ikhwanweb till now are:

 Hossam Abu Bakr, chief of administrative bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood.

 Dr. Ahmed Ramy, council member in the Pharmacy syndicate.

 Ali Al-Shahhat Al-Baghdadi.

 Khaled Hamza , an engineer.

 Tarek Al-Toukhy,

 Abdul-Thaher Mohamed Ahmed.

 Nabeel Shebl.

 Mohamed Saad Mansour.

 Hassan Mohamed Hassan Al-Gammal.

 Gad Mohamed Gad.

Security forces also arrested Hussein Mokhtar, general manager of an elevator company. Many acts of vandalism were practiced by the security forces inside his house including stealing his own properties and his computer.

They also arrested Ismail Selim, a businessman, where the security forces stole the keys of both his car and his wife’s, and stole 15,000 Egyptian pounds from his house.

21 members were detained today in Assiut governorate. Names of the detainees known till now:

1. Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Razeq, professor in cordial diseases and MB candidate in 2005 Parliamentary elections.

2. Sheikh Abdullah Sadeq, MB candidate in 2005 Parliamentary elections.

3. Abdel-Aziz Mousa, office manager of MP Abdul-Aziz Khalaf.

4. Darwish Ahmed Nageeb, works in the ministry of finance and MB candidate in 2005 Parliamentary elections.

5. Mohamed Hamed, a businessman.

6. Khalaf Thabet Haridy.

7. Dr. Hussein Mohamed Ali Ragheb.

8. Mohamed Masry Mousa.

9. Dr. Wahid Mohamed Hassan.

10. Mohamed Saad Eldeen Mohamed.

11.Osama Ashawi

12. Sayed Abdel-Megeed.

13. Ashraf Omar.

14. Dr. Osama Moddather Mohameed.

15. Mohamed Hanafi.

16. Mohamed Ibrahim Hassan.

17. Zakaria Mohamed Soliman.

It is noteworthy that the actual number of arrests is yet to be known as the number of detentions is expected to increase during the coming hours. This escalation by the Egyptian authorities is to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates from fielding candidates in the approaching municipal elections.