New Torture Case in New Cairo Police Station

The nearly daily unveiling of more tortures hasn”t seemingly given the Egyptian Interior Ministry a sufficient momentum to stop the unabated tortures inside prisons and police stations, immediately recalling to mind the Amnesty International”s 2006 report about Egypt in which it said that torturing in Egypt has become a systematic policy .
The following is a new torture case that took place inside New Cairo police station .
A worker in an electricity company accused two policemen of beating him, cutting his hand artery, and hitting him in the head inside the New Cairo police station, because of a quarrel that broke out between the victim and the two policemen inside a bus heading for  New Cairo .
The victim said in the prosecution investigations that the two policemen detained him inside the police force room and severely beat with a wooden baton. One of them pushed him to the door, breaking the glass board of the door and it fell on the victim”s head. He submitted complaint no. 5503 Heliopolis . The prosecution is currently conducting investigations under supervision of Attorney General Abdul Magid Mahmoud.
The victim, Ehab Saaduddin Mahmoud, 35 years and a worker at New Cairo electricity company said that he took last Sunday morning bus from AlAbbasiia Square to go to his workplace in New Cairo. While the bus was moving, two policemen quarreled with the driver, the passengers feared to object to the exercises of both policemen, although they are both mistaken for insulting and offending the driver who heard these insults and did not respond. When the bus reached New Cairo, the passengers started to get out of it in their bus stops. I asked the driver to allow me to get out at my bus stop. However, the two policemen ordered him to move on and drop them at the police station, although there is no bus stop in front of the police station. I objected to their orders prompting a quarrel between us.
The victim added: Both policemen said to me:” If you aren”t satisfied, go to the police station and submit a complaint. I went to the police station to complain about the two policemen to the officer, commissioner or police chief.
I asked the guard to allow me to speak with the officer, but they said that “the officer isn”t here”. One hour later, the two policemen returned to me  again and every one of them was having a wooden baton They didn”t utter any word. They harshly beat me while my cries moved no body to save me. After a round of beating and torture, I fell on the ground.