New wave of IOF air raids on Gaza kills four, destroys mosque

New wave of IOF air raids on Gaza kills four, destroys mosque

The Israeli occupation forces using American supplied F-16 warplanes resumed on Sunday “targeted raids” on the Gaza Strip killing four citizens and wounding others in addition to destroying a mosque near the Shifa hospital in Gaza city.

PIC reporter said that the aerial raids leveled the mosque in which tens of citizens, relatives of patients, were taking refuge killing two and wounding many others.

He added that material damage was inflicted on the nearby Shifa hospital, which is the biggest in the Strip.

The warplanes bombed a building for the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, killing two of its members.

The new wave of raids targeted security installations, workshops, factories and houses inflicting an unspecified number of casualties.

Citizens said that they received messages on their mobile phones from Israeli officers threatening that their homes would be bombed and asked them to evacuate them if they had any weapons stashed in them.

The IOF devastating raids started on Saturday noon and dropped at least 60 missiles at various areas in the Gaza Strip in what a western news agency described as “raining death on Gaza”.

The strike, which started with simultaneous air raids on 50 targets along the coastal Strip, left 271 Palestinians killed and more than 750 others wounded, almost 200 of whom are in very serious conditions, the PA health ministry in Gaza said.

Medical sources said that the number of martyrs could rise to 350 in view of the seriousness of a big number of the injured.

They said that 15 martyrs were not yet identified, and added that 80 bodies were shredded while many others were still under the debris.

The sources said that hospitals in the Strip suffer from shortages in medicine and first aid materials, other than medical utilities for urgent surgeries, and appealed to the Arab countries to expedite sending those medical supplies.