News about disputes between Haniyah and Al-Zahhar movements…

News about disputes between Haniyah and Al-Zahhar movements…

Al Quds Al Arabi has learned from security sources in Hamas in the Gaza Strip yesterday that the movement”s security body increased its security measures to protect the leaders of the movement in the Strip from a plan targeting them. The sources said that the movement was being cautious about the possible assassination of its leaders by Palestinians. They added that the measures were increased around most of the leaders, and especially around Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar and Sa”id Siyam, the head of Hamas”s parliamentary bloc.

“When Al Quds Al Arabi tried to reach Sa”id Siyam on his private mobile phone, one of his bodyguards answered and said that he couldn”t be contacted or reached for the time being. Regarding the possibility of talking to him or reaching him, the bodyguard stated this depended on the security measures that were adopted to protect him. In that same context, Siyam issued a statement yesterday in which he warned against harming the people of Hamas. He threatened those he described as being “a gang of traitors” with an unprecedented sanction in case the symbols and elements of Hamas are harmed. “He indicated there was field information confirming the fact that there is a plan to carry out operations against the leaders of the movement. On the other hand, Hamas denied the news stating there were disputes between its leaders in the Gaza Strip that reached the level of death threats.
Hamas said in a statement, a copy of which was delivered to Al Quds Al Arabi: “Nothing can change us and no position is worthy for us fighting over or threatening each other to get it. If this was the case, there wouldn”t be this much hostility toward us”.

“Hamas warned against seeking to set a up climate for criminal and violent operations that will be carried out against the movement”s leader and will be attributed to disputes within the movement and to liquidation operations among its leaders… It said that the media attack against it was ongoing and was being led by Fatah-affiliated websites and the Palestine television, whether by publishing false and fabricated statements or false reports regarding internal conflicts within Hamas.

“It assured in the statement: “Every now and then, strife sticks out its head through instigation and poisoned and poisonous propaganda… We pay no attention to that and read it differently, in what enables us to see many things which we are aware of and cautious about”. The movement stressed that its leadership was united and that the difference of opinions doesn”t create disputes over the cause. It added that the movement”s decisions were issued through its institutions and were not personal decisions so that the leaders” opinions diverge. It stated: “Our strength resides in the unity of our position and rank”.

“For his part, Dr. Salah Bardawil, the spokesperson for Hamas”s parliamentary bloc, said in press statements that the Fatah-affiliated media outlets” promotion of news about disputes between Al-Zahhar and Haniyah fell in the context of the plan to target them. He stated: “Talk about real disputes between Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar and PM Isma”il Haniyah is groundless and coincides with the beginning of the Israeli campaign to assassinate some leading figures in Hamas. The promotion of these false reports means that Haniyah and Al-Zahhar are on top of the list of targets…”