News and Opinion on U.S. Foreign Policy After Bush

News and Opinion on U.S. Foreign Policy After Bush

While many observers are paying close attention to U.S. presidential candidates” domestic policy pronouncements, others are discussing their potential impact on U.S. foreign policy. The Diplomatic Times Review presents a few of those views.

African Views

Nigeria, agent of change – Obama, US presidential aspirantDaily Sun, Nigeria

SA needs its own Obama – columnistIndependent Online, South Africa

Barack Obama provides potent lessons in politicsNamibian, Namibia

Asian Views

An Obama win could win over the worldUnited Press International, Asia, China

Australia and Oceania

Whoever wins, US likely to be in safer, Australia

Australia now in the “top tier” of US alliesSydney Morning Herald, Australia


UNB professor believes Obama better for CanadaCanada East, Canada

The vanishing election issue: foreign policyToronto Star, Canada

Caribbean Views

Monumental change unfolding in AmericaJamaica Gleaner, Jamaica

European Views

Europe hopes for change with US electionsEurActiv, Belgium

Election Will Be New Start for Trans-Atlantic Ties, Says AdvisorDeutsche Welle, Germany

“Next President Will Demand More From Europe”Spiegel Online, Germany

Obama: the transatlantic president?Guardian Unlimited, United Kingdom

Obama”s policy on IranTransnational Institute, Netherlands

At the crossroads — Ken Gude, Comment is Free, United Kingdom

Obama, Lebanon and the myth of changeAgoravox, France

One person can lift America”s gloomTimes Online, United Kingdom

Now things really get dirtyNew Statesman, United Kingdom

Latino lessonsGuardian Unlimited, United Kingdom

Barack Obama: How I am still haunted by my fatherDaily Mail, United Kingdom

Latin American Views

2008 Candidates and Latin AmericaLatin Business Chronicle, USA

American neighbors would like some attentionLos Angeles Times, USA

American, USA

Middle East Views

Analyze This: Why “maverick” McCain is likely to follow consensus Jerusalem Post, Israel

New Arab interest in US electionsMiddle East Times, Egypt

Arab-American thoughts on Super TuesdayDaily Star – Lebanon

Can I Have My Change Back: Arab-Americans and Obama’s False HopeAl-Bawaba, Jordan

How about an Obama about-face? — GulfNews, United Arab Emirates

Russian Views

Obama for PresidentKommersant, Russia

U.S. Views

Foreign Policy, Anyone?American Spectator, USA

A Major Difference on Foreign, USA

No Intervention? Envoys Join Debate on ObamaJewish Exponent, USA

Obama”s PromiseThe Nation, USA

Behind Obama and ClintonForeign Policy In Focus, USA

Can Obama Save Us?: Justin, USA

Obama And Source Of The NileBlack Star News, USA

Arab Americans Tend to Favor, USA

Tony Lake Talks to Cleveland”s Polish Leaders About ObamaPolish News, USA

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