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  • November 26, 2005
  • 3 minutes read

News Coverage of Stage 2 run-off of the Egyptian ,Alexandria at 12:00 pm

News Coverage of Stage 2 run-off of the Egyptian Parliamentary Election
Alexandria at 12:00 pm
Al Dekhelah Constituency:                        
A press conference is expected to be staged by Dr Tawakol Mas’ood, the MB candidate in front of Taher Beck School, adjacent to Al-Wardian Station, in order to reveal incidents and relay the facts of electoral breaches in front of media correspondents.
7 vehicles fully laden with so called collective registeration non-residents were spotted leaving the Alex Company for Petrolium. Vehicles details are as follows; Two vehicles belonging to Mohamed Rajab Co carrying number plates 2109 & 1959; two vehicles belong to Al-safwah Co numbers 1714& 174;two vehicle, numbers 2172 & 1651,ownership of which is not known;One vehicle belongs to Al-Hadithah Company for Travel and carries 979 number plate.
Both polling stations at The Wardian Secondary School Girls and Boys are still suspended from operation.
Dr Hamdy Hassan, the MB candidate& current MP, and the local residents who gathered in front of the schools are performing the Dohr (noon) Prayer on the pavement in front of the Wardian Scholl which is cordoned off by the Central Security ( Amn Al Markazi) since early this morning.
The overseeing judges in polling stations number 47, 48&49 are forcing people to cast their vote openly in front of their eyes in a move designed to intimidate people into voting for the NDP candidate.
The NDP candidate accompanied by group of police officers carrying ballot card were seen in a chauvinist mode parading in front of local resident in a move designed to intimidating people into voting for the NDP candidate.
Ghorbaal Constituency:
The mass transient vehicles-large transporters carrying so called collectively registered non-residents- are currently all over the place as the only vehicles that are allowed access into the polling stations.
The local residents have succeeded in preventing a taxi, with Gharbiyah number plate carrying what is now widely known as collectively registered non-residents, from reaching into the polling stations.
The presiding judges at Ahmed Badawi School polling stations are still threatening to cancel the elections unless the police allow electorates access to cast their votes.
The police officers at the Ahmed Badawi School have prevented from casting their votes by denying them access to polling stations. Amongst those who prevented from casting their votes a bearded Shaikh (Imam) and A priest in his clergyman costume.
The electoral process is still suspended in 7 schools till this very moment. The only people who are allowed access are those who carry the campaign leaflets by the NDP candidate Ahmed Marzooq.
At Amin Al rafe’i School’s polling station, the NDP thugs have assaulted the local residents including the women with swords, knives and heavy sticks inflecting many injuries amongst them. One of the locals commented that the beating up was from almost every direction and when they asked the police security forces, who were closely monitoring them, to intervene to stop the assault the officer replied that “ they have boarders and places not to go beyond”!