News Coverage of the Second Stage ,Alexandria

The Nation’s Hope News Agency, Alexandria, Egypt
10.00 Am News Bulletin
News Coverage of the Second Stage of the Egyptian Parliamentary Election
Bab Sharq (East Door) Constituency:
A Group of thugs armed with axes and batons campaigning for Mohamed Moselhi broke into the Municipality Ward car park to terrorise electorates. They also did chase after photographers. The police officer in charge of the ward kicked out all ladies who represent the Ikhwan-Muslim Brotherhood, MB- candidates while allowing those who represent the ruling NDP candidates.
 Al Dekhila Constituency:
A group of 14 thugs armed with heavy sticks attacked electorates at Gayth Primary School where they preventing representatives from entering the polling station. At 8.30 Am they physically assaulted the representatives of Dr Tawakol at Al Bitash prep School polling station using batons, knives and sharp objects. They also attacked women representatives in a move to facilitate vote rigging.
Also at Belal Ibn Rabah primary school at Al-Dekhilah a group of thugs attacked representatives of Dr Tawakol and a follow up of events is ongoing.
At the Al-Fotoh School, Hanovile, El Agami the judge arrived late which lead to delay in opening the doors of the polling station (08:45) and electorates had not cast their votes till now. Also some local members of the NDP engaged in fighting with Dr Tawakol’s representatives. This has been followed by two of the police force, a lieutenant and a colonel, withdrawing the IDs and legal proxies from all of Dr Tawakol’s-the NDP competitor- representatives, Messrs Saeid Ghobashi and Nagi Abdolhadi way for vote rigging.
At Gayth School, in Borj Al Arab, the NDP-thugs have prevented representatives from entering the polling station as well as banning MB campaign posters outside the station. Also large trucks with Sohaj number plates were seen loaded of people carrying heavy sticks. Purchase of votes was evident and on display in the open.
At Khadeeja School in the Max area a group of NDP thugs attacked women voters with stones which had prompted all people including MB affiliates and supporters to challenge them and forced them to leave the polling station and to run away.
At Raghib School 20 of these thugs had chased after voters and bye standards waiving their swords in an attempt to prevent them from getting to the polling station. They also chased after our correspondent’s car who was filming them. The courage, determination and persistence of  the MB supporters which was evidently on display at numerous wards had paid dividend in the end as it lead to the retreat of thugs out of polling stations and to their departure.
At Omar Ibn Abdol Aziz school polling station, the thugs barricaded and threw people with empty bottles.
At Hamza School, the independent candidates and local residents paraded the surrounding streets urging people to stand firm to thugs and to endeavour to cast their votes. They were chanting slogans such as; Whoever is not keen and diligent in casting his or her vote is not also keen to preserve his or her integrity and that of his or her household (it is widely known that Arab in general and Egyptian in particular are very jealous and easily aroused if offended in their reputation and that of their spouses).
At Al Nile and Adnan Schools in Gheat Al Enab Region (Vineyard) the NDP thugs had gathered armed with swords, axes and heavy sticks terrorising non-NDP voters.
The NDP-thugs had started their skirmishes and attacks on the supporters of the MB candidate for Karmooz Constituency, Mr Mahmoud Attya, and prevented his representatives as well as observers from entering the poling station at Gheat Al Enab Al Gadida (new vineyard) School. There are 5 thugs at the Refa’I School in Gheat al Enab to prevent people from casting their votes to the independent candidates. There were attacks with swords at Al Zohoor’s (Flower) school with firing incidents. At present the Horrah-Liberal- satellite channel is broadcasting live in front of the Sadat School polling station in Karmooz and an interview with Mr Mahmoud Attya, the MB candidate, will be live at 09:30.
Ghorbal Constituency:
A Mazda microbus, number plate 553339 had left Moharam Bek Police Station driven by an officer and carrying thugs was seen cruising through the area. It was also carrying a large photo of Mr Ahmed Abdol Fattah Marzooq, the NDP candidate which has later been removed.