• September 8, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

NFC Calls On Mubarak to Withdraw From Camp David Treaty

NFC Calls On Mubarak to Withdraw From Camp David Treaty

The National Front for Change (NFC) held a press conference at the Press Syndicate on Wednesday September 6, 2006, which was attended by a number of political activits, including Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef; former Prime Minister and Front Chairman Dr. Aziz Sedqi; journalist Mostafa Bakri; Labor Party Assistant Secretary General Magdy Korkor; Kefaya Movement Chairman George Isaac; MB Executive Bureau member Dr. Mohamed Ali Beshr; and Mohammed Essmat Saif el Dawla.

During the press conference, the MB Chairman stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood strongly rejected the Camp David peace treaty when it was first signed with Israel, adding that president Sadat imposed the treaty on the Egyptian people against their will using his monopoly over power, although it was rejected by the state establishments including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the time.

The press conference ended by a statement read out by journalist Mostafa Bakri, under the title “Liberating the Egyptian people from shackles of the Peace treaty with Israel and its repercussions on Egypt”. The statement pointed that the repeated Zionist attacks on Palestinians and lately Lebanese people, led to Arab League Secretary General Amr Mousa declaring the death of the peace process with Israel. It also exposed what it called “the US and Israel’s plans for a new Middle East fully controlled by the Zionists and their allies.” It called on president Mubarak to take swift measures to rid the Egyptian people of the shackles and repercussions of the peace treaty with Israel, as well as the ensuing policies and agreements which led to the impoverishment of many Egyptians and jeopardizing its national security and future.

The NF in its statement also called on the government to decline the US aid and rely on the nation’s own resources to achieve genuine economic and social development which will enable us to defend our dignity and national security, according to the statement.