NGO object to new drafted law and authorities intervention

NGO object to new drafted law and authorities intervention

NGO members have voiced their anger at the new law which is aimed at crippling the organizations by tightening the authorities grip on their activities and interfering in the boards elections.


Bahaa El-Deen Head of Cairo ‘s centre for Human Rights Studies has stressed that the new law will inhibit civil society by attempting to nationalize the organizations and authorizing their work.

These measures only demonstrate the government’s restlessness and inability to accept the notion of an active presence of these organizations.


So far these civic organizations have boasted strong and sophisticated activities and their unity for their call for political reform appears to have frayed the ruling regimes nerves.

The latest group “National Society for change” prompted by ElBaradei’s appearance has added fuel to the government’s already heated stance where he has met with numerous leading opposition groups including the MB the strongest opposition group present in the political arena.


NGO’s have called for reform and the authority’s intervention by drafting new laws to impede their activities are all too clear. NGO’s believe that these restrictions will undoubtedly place restrictions on civil society funding however the officials from the Social Solidarity Ministry believe that the law is expected to advocate regulation in Egypt ‘s civil affairs.