• January 26, 2016
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NGO Reports on Fascist Junta Violations in Peaceful Protests Monday

NGO Reports on Fascist Junta Violations in Peaceful Protests Monday

 Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedom (ECRF)’s latest report Monday (January 25, 2016) documents coup security violations against citizens and activists today (Monday).

Four people have been killed by security forces since Sunday evening, two shot dead in the Sixth of October City, one died during a brutal torture session at the notorious National Security HQ in Beni Suef, and the fourth shot dead in the village of Kerdasa.

Arrest and detention: 181 citizens have been rounded up and held in custody, from Monday morning until 9:00PM, as follows:

Cairo 68 arrested and detained, Sharqeya 21, Qaliubiya 27, Beheira 12, Giza 10, Kafr El-Sheikh 10, Minya 7, West 7, Dakahlia 6, Alexandria 6, Beni Suef 3, Menoufia 2, Damietta 1, Fayoum 1.

Detainees included 20 women and 8 children. Five women from Kafr El-Sheikh and 2 from Alexandria have been released.

Until now, coup authorities still hold in the custody 5 women from Maadi and 2 from Cairo, as well as Amani Mohamed, Hind Mohamed, Sumaiya Mustafa Morsi, a woman from Heliopolis, three from Zyfta in Gharbiya province, and one from the Sixth of October City.

Coup security forces also raided the village of Owaysh Al-Hagar, Dakahlia province. They arrested 10 young people from the village. Those forces also stormed several villages and surrounded a number of other towns and villages since Monday morning, including: Albesartah village in Damietta province, and the village of Qasr Al-Basil in Fayoum province. Coup forces also surrounded and then stormed the villages of Arab Shebin and Al-Basos in Qanater Khayryeah, and the villages of Otwa Qibleya and Otwa Bahareya in the little town of Qotour in Gharbiya province.

Cairo: Monday – January 25, 2016

Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedom (ECRF)