Nigeria: Ta’awonel Muslmeen Condemns Abductions

In an exclusive statement with Ikhwanweb, Chairman of Ta’awonel Muslmeen Group in Nigeria, Dawood Abu Emran Malasa Abu Seifallah condemned the recent abduction of foreigners, holding the Nigerian government responsible for the continuation of these acts.

 Imran added that the abduction of foreigners from oil sector is not the first of its kind and will not be the last, attributing this to the failure of the government to open dialogue with the rebels and its refusal to release one of their leaders who has been in detention for a year” We along with political parties and human rights organizations had early on called on the government to open the door for a dialogue which could put an end to rebellion and militancy , but it didn’t listen to us and persisted with its escalation policy and use of force against rebels who are gaining ground day by day”, he said.

Islamic Opposition to Obasanjo Regime :

On the bloody incidents which take place in Nigeria from time to time, Emran said that what is going on is a war ignited by political, religious or ethnic motivations.
“Political forces from all ethnicities and tribes dream of getting rid of the incumbent regime, especially Hausa tribe which is locked in heated dispute with the Nigerian president, who belongs to Yoruba tribe, depicting him as a traitor due to his failure to honor the secret agreement with the politicians from its tribe.

While all political forces and ethnicities are opposed to the regime, Muslims have their own sufferings with the regime which is abhorred by Muslims for its limitless support for the Christian missionaries in Nigeria as well as its express rejection of the implementation of sharia( Islamic law) in Nigeria.
 However Mr. Emran pointed out that a more serious crisis is brewing.

He  quoted  the Nigerian president as saying publicly that no Muslim will be allowed to assume the presidency in the 2007 elections, citing fears on the part of the regime that the incumbent laws could be replaced with the sharia( Islamic law).
 Against this statement, the Chairman of the Ta’awonel Muslmeen called on the Muslim societies and religious scholars to form an Islamic front to stand up against this step on the part of the regime and the ensuing repercussions in case such a step is taken.

 Mr.Emran said that his group will strongly reject any attempt to exclude Muslims in Nigeria from participating in the running of their country, citing that Muslims form 65% of the total population in Nigeria.

 “ We will not allow any attempt for rigging the coming election, nor will we allow any foreign interference with our domestic affairs”, he said.

 On the position of the group toward the coming presidential election, Mr. Emran said that the group is spearheading a campaign to heighten the awareness of the Nigerian Muslims and to urge them to participate and vote for Muslims only, referring to the meetings recently held by Christian churches with the Nigerian president to secure the presidency for a Christian candidate in the coming presidential election.

 On the candidates and the chances of their winning in the coming election, Mr. Emran ruled out the winning of any Christian independents who stand for presidency without backing from the churches, even if they are backed from Western states or local government bodies.

As for the Muslim candidates and the chances of their success, Mr. Emran named some of the most prominent Muslim figures but added that they only could win the election if they garner support from opposition parties or if disputes erupt within the ruling party.

 On the position of the group toward the coming election, Mr. Emran said that the group will not back any Muslim candidate except after all the pro Muslim Brotherhood movements get together”  If an Islamic alliance is formed, it could determine who will win in the coming election”, he said