Nigerian High School Students Protest: No Hejab, No School

Ikhwanweb received the following statement from Mr.Tajudeen Abdr-Rauf, from Jama’atun Ta’awunil Muslimeen in Nigeria.

“All thanks and adorations are due to Almighty Allah,The creator of mankind. May His peace and blessing be upon the soul of noble Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) for showing us the path of Monotheism.

For every cause, they say, there must be a reason. Their occurred, today Tuesday Ramadan 12th 1427 ( 03/10/2006 ) in the city of Iwo , Osun State , Nigeria , a peaceful demonstration by the students of secondary schools. The Students had decided not to attend any class until the State Government gave them their rights as the indigenes of the town and citizens of Nigeria in particular.

90% of the students, being Muslims, protested over the use of cape, (Uniform matching “hijab”) by the female and trousers by the male counterpart. The students in support of Alfas, Imams and Islamic elites, Jama’atu Ta’awunil Muslimeen and other Islamic organisations in Iwo had resolved to this protest as the last resort to claim their right of freedom to practice of their religion.

The students, moving from one school to another, one street to another to cover the length and breadth of Iwo town were seen chattering “no hijab”, “no school”, “no cape no school”. Some of the students interviewed by our reporter, Lukman Solahudeen, were of the same opinion that there was need for the Government of the State, instead of turning deaf ear, to yield to their request instead.

They claimed, their rights as Muslims should not be denied and if the government did not want them to be something else in future they should not be deprived of their rights to practice of Islamic teachings which explain life in the way of God. Meanwhile, they vowed no going back this time around as their effort to make this a reality in the past was proved abortive”

Tajudeen Abdr-Rauf
Jama’atun Ta’awunil Muslimeen