Nile boats collide in Egypt leave dozens missing

Nile boats collide in Egypt leave dozens missing

 CAIRO: Two boats traveling in the northern Nile Delta region collided, security sources said on Saturday, one day after the incident. According to reports, some 13 passengers were rescued after two motorboats hit each other in northern Egypt. Still, dozens of passengers remain missing in yet another accident in the country.

Officials said it was unclear how many people were on board the two boats, but witnesses are saying some 50 or more passengers were present before the incident.

The accident occurred near the northern town of Rasheed – famous for being the place the Rosetta stone was discovered. Recently, a string of incidents have left Egyptians worried about traveling in the country.

Two trains slammed into each other earlier this fall and left dozens dead and scores wounded in the country’s worst transportation accident in years. The minister of transportation was forced to resign over the incident.

Friday’s accident in the Nile highlights the ongoing safety concerns for Egyptians in the country. Governor of the area Mohamed Sharawi told Egypt’s official MENA news agency that one of the boats capsized, which caused the second boat to slam into it, creating the chaos.

In 2006, a ferry sank in the Red Sea, leaving more than 1,000 people dead. It is Egypt’s worst transportation in history and many Egyptians are calling on the government to act now in order to prevent future deaths.

**writing by Joseph Mayton

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