No hope For Reform Under Current Egyptian Regime –Mekki

Counselor Ahmed Mekki launched a violent attack against the Egyptian regime and described it as a tyrannical state of police, and said : “There is no hope for reform, under this regime ” .
Mekki, the deputy chief justice of the Court of Cassation, confirmed that the pillars of the constitutional amendment aren’t present ” because the National Democratic Party’s (NDP) government is the only effective player in the scene doer and is the only one able to impose its will “.
“It is very hard for any human being to respects a regime that rigs elections”, added Mekki, in a seminar entitled “Constitutional Amendments, Their Effects on Human Rights” organized by the society of human rights advocates in the Attorneyship Institute on Tuesday.
Mekki wondered:” Why is the regime insisting on making the constitution stipulate holding the elections in one day?!” adding that “and all Egyptian election were held in one day except for 2000 and 2005 elections; the judges did not have an actual supervision over the elections, especially because the Interior Ministry has been controlling everything; this made the judges suffer so much and made them obliged to issue a statement to show the violations and rigging that took place during the elections.”
Mekki described the high commission headed by counselor Mahmoud Abouallil, the Justice Minister, as a mere propaganda.
Mekki said that the president’s speech around the constitutional amendments ” Did not include any hint or guarantee that the next elections will be justly and fairly held”.
“Article 93 around the the Court of Cassation has been completely ignored in the amendment; consequently, the People’s Assembly will remain having the upper hand over the rulings of the Court of Cassation”, said Mekki, adding that ” the new anti – terrorism law will allow the police ransack and search without any prosecution warrant or judicial supervision, let alone speaking about a “legal system” in a way that indicates establishing an anti-terrorism judiciary.
“This law will make garbage-throwing a terrorist crime” he added.

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