• January 6, 2016
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North Sinai Residents Condemn Coup Policies, Detail Atrocities and Violations

North Sinai Residents Condemn Coup Policies, Detail Atrocities and Violations

Proud Sinai is now sitting captive under military rule. The people of Sinai boasted epic steadfastness in the face of the Zionists and their Americans and other western collaborators and supporters. They stood steadfast defending their land, so the Zionist enemy could not displace them, force them out of their homes.

The people of Sinai did many acts of heroism documented in Egypt’s military intelligence records, where Sinai residents helped the military in all wars against the Zionist enemy who could not force them to leave their land and their farms, despite all its power and armaments.

But the horrid shock, the reward came from Sisi’s Army, who:

– Demolished 2100 houses on the border and another 500 in ​​Rafah and Sheikh Zowaid.

– Displaced 3,500 families and destroyed 100 water wells built by the people of the region.

– Bulldozed trees and olive farms in villages over a distance of 40 kilometers.

– Razed at least 100 farms in and around the villages, not less than 100 acres each.

– Burned about 600 private cars and taxis, and at least 2,000 motorcycles.

– killed more than 600 people (men, women and children – young and old).

– Arbitrarily arrested more than 4,000 people.

Coup troops displaced the people of Sinai, forcing them to leave their land and homes. Coup troops killed Sinai men, women and children, and rounded up and detained survivors, just to implement the Zionist scheme to protect Israel, as unashamedly described by the coup commander Sisi.

At the same time, coup forces tightened the illegitimate siege on Gaza – the symbol of this nation’s pride, and the first line of defense for Egypt. Most absurdly, coup security forces now hound Sinai citizens who were forced to leave their land and their homes across the governorates of Egypt, by way of punishment for their steadfastness in the face of the Zionist enemy.

The displaced families now suffer the bitter cold of winter, and the constant fear of arrest and detention. Feeling no place is safe for them, they all live in the desert, which exposes them to all forms of danger, especially in the bitter cold.

The forced displacement of Sinai residents also resulted in depriving them of educational and health services, which means their children have no schools to attend, and puts their lives at risk because of their distance from hospitals and other medical institutions.

In conclusion, the coup regime has succeeded in creating enmity between Sinai residents and their army. This army no longer has any popular support. This is the biggest blow to the Egyptian army.

God help you people of Sinai

Association of the families and the people of North Sinai

Monday – January 4, 2016

See the video "Conference for families of Sinai detainees": https://youtu.be/zDiqoIbkHQ4