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  • July 2, 2008
  • 11 minutes read

Not in defense of The Muslim Brothrhood, Al Masry Al Youm editor writes

Not in defense of The Muslim Brothrhood, Al Masry Al Youm editor writes


I do not know MP Mukhtar Albeih, but I know he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).


However, Dr. Fathy Sorour -the parliament speaker-always says the parliament never recognizes the existence of MBs, and he prefers to call them independents.


What happened, though, with the MP ensures that Sorour, his parliament and the government never consider them but MB, an enemy, opponent and agent who deserves to be slaughtered without triggering any mercy or concern for them.


It was so obvious last June 17 that they do recognize the existence of Muslim Brotherhood among them. It was in few hours and so secretly when the legislative committee was held and they decided to annul the membership of MB MP Mukhtar Albeih as a representative of Bandar Suhag constituency, and announced that Hazem Hamady (National Democratic Party-NDP) won his seat because of an error in the counting of votes as the Cassation Court stated in its report.


It is considered  a catastrophe and a kind of farce to dismiss a Muslim Brotherhood MP secretly and in few hours while sparing tens of other MPs who received similar sentences from the same court.


I would like to ask Dr. Sorour the professor of law about more than one hundred reports nullifying memberships of MPs who belong to the ruling NDP party as well as independents and opponents, which were issued from the cassation court and were not implemented by the parliament. Simultaneously, the Parliament rushes to revoke the membership of Mukhtar Albeih because of his affiliation to MB.


I would like to ask him if he could remember the Cassation Court reports that nullified the membership of Muhammad Murshidy (NDP), Hamdy Esayed (NDP), Muhie Elqatan (NDP), Abdur Rahman Baraka (NDP), Mahmoud Abaza (Alwafd Party.)

And I ask him about the reports of Adduqi service- where the elections’ excesses drove people crazy!


Why do you ignore these reports and attack an MB member?

I feel sorry when you weigh in two different standards in the highest legislative authority, with shameful disregard of public opinion. I feel imminent danger to Egypt when the parliament gives us an example in breaking down law and constitution, the rulings of the Cassation Court, and make it up exactly as the ruling regime needs.


How could we believe this parliament again and vote for its deputies at the same moment it is practicing this glaring contradiction without hesitation. How could you circumvent the law in such a blatant way?


Just read with me what was said by Judge Muqbil Shaker-president of the cassation court-to my colleague Mahmoud Muslim in his program at Al Mehwar satellite channel last June 14. He said that the Cassation Court is looking now at 1000 vote rigging cases against the parliamentary elections, has finished 600 cases and refused 80% of these cases.


This means that the elections are invalid in the other 20% -120 cases.


So why does the parliament nullify the membership of one deputy and let 119 without parliament legitimacy? And when Muslim asked Muqbil Shaker if the legislative committee requested papers from the cassation court but were never delivered till now, Shaker totally denied this. Tell me about your opinion Dr. Sorour!!


What happened to Albeih proves that this parliament does not belong to the people; it belongs to the regime. It is a governmental one, a parliament for the National Democratic Party.


Dr. Sorour, choose your suitable name and new banner instead of that great one over the parliament building. It might then be less confusing!



*Translated into English from Al Masry Al Youm Newspaper