Nour’s Health Deteriorates In Prison

Ayman Nour’s health continues to deteriorate in prison after suffering major complications related to his uncontrolled Diabetes, doctors said. The latest was rupture of tiny blood vessels inside his eyes causing hemorrhage, as a result of a condition called Diabetic Retinopathy” which develops due to uncontrolled blood sugar.

During his interrogation yesterday by the prosecutor concerning four more new charges pressed against him; Nour filed a complaint to the Attorney General accusing the prison doctors and the Director of Correctional Facility of “neglect and conspiring to cause him permanent blindness” after allegedly refusing to abide by the decision of the attorney general to transfer him into an Intensive Care Unit for proper medical care.

In an interview with Ikhwanweb, Gamila Ismail, wife of Mr. Nour, pleaded for the various human rights and civil society organizations to help her husband’s obtain his legal and constitutional rights by providing proper medical care for his life threatening medical conditions “the issue is not whether my husband gets released from prison anymore; it is a matter of life and death now, and his life is in danger”, she said. Mrs. Nour added that her husband’s case should be looked at from its human conscious angle and not just a case of a political opponent who has been crushed and imprisoned by the regime, according to her.

Ayman Nour is the leader of Al Ghad party and former Member of Parliament. He ran against president Mubarak in last presidential elections in 2005 and finished second. He was later arrested for forging signatures and documents to form his political party and was sentenced to five years in prison in 2004. Political analysts and human rights organizations accuse the Egyptian government of framing Mr. Nour and setting up the charges to undermine his political ambitions and ensure a smooth transition of power to the president’s younger son, Gamal.


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