• August 19, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

Number of the ‘Disappeared’ Doubles in Egypt

Number of the ‘Disappeared’ Doubles in Egypt
Latest human rights reports indicate a sharp rise in the number of Egyptian citizens subjected to enforced disappearance by coup junta forces.

According to these reports, students "Abdullah Hassan Ahmed Al-Maasari" – 19 years old, who is a student at the Faculty of Engineering, Beni Suef University; and "Islam Gamal Al-Ghoul" – 22 years, student at the Faculty of Commerce, Beni Suef University, have been subjected to enforced disappearance for 18 consecutive days thus far, following their abduction by junta troops on June 31, 2017.

The families of the disappeared demanded information about their loved one’s fate and places of detention.

Furthermore, Mohamed Ayman Rushdie, 20, faces an unknown fate. Junta security forces in Alexandria arbitrarily arrested him when he was at his grandmother’s house in Muharram Bey district, at dawn on August 9, 2017 without any legal warrant, and hauled him off to an unknown destination, where he is being held until now.