Nursing Students Take Part in a Sit-in at Ein Shams University

Nursing Students Take Part in a Sit-in at Ein Shams University

A sit-in took place by 350 female students on Wednesday, October 8, at Faculty of Nursing at Ein Shams University, protesting on obliging them to take A, B and C shifts to be occurring for the first time, as it is customized to exclude married female students from attending night shifts.


A student in the last year Aziza Al Shahat said, “We were disrespected today from Head of Central Administration at the university Magdy Al Deeb, as when we did the sit-in, he said, “Oh… the countryside speaks out”, he offended us with the worst insults and said, “you have no right”, although when we were transferred to the last year, there was a promise to us to be moved to the nearest university to our dwelling and to exclude married students from night shifts.”


Another student Samar al Mahrus said, “We suffer from the students’ dwelling because a room takes 20 students, with one bathroom and we line up before it, besides the spread of diseases. So we demand to move to a near university as we can not afford to rent an alternative dwelling.”


One more student Wafaa demanded an investigation with the University President for not allowing them to meet him and the refusal of the Director of his office to talk to them and he asked mockingly, “Who are you to be met?”, moreover, each student at other universities gets 260 pounds as a basic salary for the single shift and we get 170 pounds for three probable shifts.”


Protester female students repeated some mottos such as: we are not afraid, we protest, we are unjustified, we want to meet the University President, we want our rights, we are not going to work…


The sit-in was ended when the Dean of the Faculty Sabah Al Sharqawy promised to talk to the University President Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr regarding the excluding of the married students only from attending the night shifts. The students collectively filed a petition to exclude all of them from night shifts because some of them come from other governorates.