Obama choses Biden to make Israel’s supporters happy

Obama choses Biden to make Israel’s supporters happy

Joe Biden is no nice guy when it comes to the Middle East and especially the rights of the Palestinians. Although  it is true that every American politician has to kiss Israel“s ass when they run for public office in order to get elected, some try to do with with more finesse. But not Joe Biden.


Compare him to Hillary Clinton. Her husband tried hard for 7 years to bring a just peace to the Middle East. He only succumbed to his human nature (as he did to Monica Lewinsky) because he is human, and int he last year, he allowed his pro-Israel


self-described Zionist envoy, Dennis Ross, manipulate the Camp David meetings between Yassir Arafat and Ehud Barack to help Israel. President Clinton tried to force a lousy solutiond own Arafat”s throat because as his days in office wound down, Clinton hoped he could achieve some form of a miracle to wipe away his Lewinsky sins. But in his rush, and thanks much to the unapologetic Ross, he helped destroy Middle East peace.


Hillary Clinton also supported just peace in the Middle East but was forced by politics and the weak and divided Arab and Muslim movement in the United States to back down from her fairness on Palestinian-Israeli issues. Still, Hillary Clinton could always come back to the fold. She has a history of at least trying to be fair. Once elected, she can change her mind the way all politicians do, and suddenly go back to being fair again.


But that”s not something that Biden can ever do. He has never been fair. He plagiarizes thoughts and writings from others, and doesn”t flip flop on important issues because he is smart enough to know that supporting Israel means elections. Supporting the Palestinians means being a “Ralph Nader,” a mealy mouthed say-anything candidate who is right on the Palestinian cause but wrong on everything else.


Barack Obama named Joe Biden as his running mate because Obama has a Middle East and pro-Israel problem that involves his experience being raised briefly in a Muslim country, having an Arab name “Hussein,” and having known many Palestinian activists, some good and some bad, on Chicago“s South Side. All that has scared Jewish and pro-Israel voters and Obama knows it. Biden is there to reassure them that while he will talk the pretty talk, he won”t walk the walk and force Israel to do what it really needs to do in order to achieve peace.


Israel“s government wants peace, but not at the price of returning land it stole from Palestinians, or dismanlting settlements or sharing Jerusalem or apologizing to and helping the Palestinian refugees and their descendants who have lived in an Israel-imposed life of tragedy.


I guess just because you have an Arab name doesn”t guarantee that you will be fair.