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  • May 12, 2010
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Obama one year on, Muslims not so positive

Obama one year on, Muslims not so positive

Expectations were raised as Promises were made of improving US relations with the Muslim world.   Scholars discussed the outcome of such pledges agreeing that if he was to have any chance of succeeding a second term then Obama’s administration should begin delivering on some of its Cairo promises


The conference titled "U.S. Relations with the Muslim World: One Year after Cairo " was initiated to evaluate the existing status of that relationship, and discuss successful measures the US  President could undertake to prove his true intentions

Steven Kull director, of the Program on International Policy Attitudes, maintained that despite Middle East peace still not fully achieved, the US citizens have adopted a somewhat tolerable stance towards Muslims since Obama’s presidency   


Chloe Berwind-Dart director-general of the Nigerian Cherish Foundation addressed the Palestinian-Israeli conflicts. She asserted that the continued conflict persists to be a point of tension emphasizing that it is imperative that a solution be reached concerning the two-state initiative