Obeid warns of humanitarian disaster after power outage

Obeid warns of humanitarian disaster after power outage

Kanaan Obeid, the deputy chairman of the Palestinian energy authority in Gaza, Sunday evening warned of a real humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip after the electricity cutoff reached hospitals and sewage pumps.

He told a press conference that the sole power generation station in the Strip came to a complete halt last Thursday and as a result 40% of power in Gaza was cut off.

The electricity company is distributing power on Gaza and central districts from the direct Israeli power lines, which does not meet the Strip”s needs. He explained that 70% of Gaza Strip areas are now without electricity.

The Israeli occupation authority has been barring the entry of necessary materials to maintain the electricity network in the Strip such as the transformers, wires, cables meters and fuses, the energy official underlined.

He added that spare parts for reserve generators in hospitals, sewage pumps, water wells and public institutions were out of stock also due to the closure of crossings and IOA refusal to allow entry of those spare parts.

Obeid appealed to the UN, Arab countries and the human rights  groups to intervene to halt the looming disaster in Gaza. He pointed out that the depletion of cooking gas doubled the crisis.