• April 24, 2010

Occupation authority bar travel of Sheikh Ekrima Sabri

Occupation authority bar travel of Sheikh Ekrima Sabri

The Israeli occupation Interior Minister, Eli Yishai, issued a decision on Thursday baring Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, the Aqsa Mosque Imam and Chairman of the Supreme Isalmic Council, from travel abroad on 27 September 2010, under the pretext that his travel abroad constitutes a threaten to state security.

Sheikh Sabri described the decision as oppressive and contradicts with the human rights to freedom of opinion and freedom of movements, adding that the pretext for the ban was not valid.

He said “I travel abroad on invitations to participate in academic and religious seminars that constitute no threat to the security of the Zionist entity,” adding that he will challenge the decision.

Sheikh Sabri has been barred from entering the Aqsa Mosque for the past six months by an Israeli occupation military order.