Occupation bulldozes lands in the village of Takku

Occupation bulldozes lands in the village of Takku

BETHLEHEM,  Eyewitnesses said that Israeli occupation bulldozers started on Friday morning to bulldoze Palestinian lands close to a Jewish settlement built on confiscated Palestinian land belonging to the village of Takku to the south east of Bethlehem.

Local sources believe that the work of the bulldozers in their land is a prelude to confiscation of the land to build more settlement units to expand the present settlement.

Local sources also said that settlers placed a number of caravans to the east of Masha area east of Bethlehem in preparation for its confiscation.

The Israeli occupation has refused to extend the “freeze” on settlement expansion which ended on 30 September announcing the start of building 2000 new settlement units in the West Bank, paying no attention to US requests to extend the “freeze” for a few weeks to keep the direct talks moving.

The Israeli occupation insisted on its position on settlements while the Ramallah based PA leadership has not withdrawn from direct talks as they promised if the Israeli occupation returned to expanding settlements in the West Bank.