Occupation Crimes Doubled Disabled during Intifada

The rehabilitation department in the Palestinian union of civil organizations declared that the occupation forces killed, during the years of the Intifada that erupted in late 2000, more than 66 Palestinian disabled persons, and added about 6000 injured to the rolls of the Palestinian disabled persons.

The department pointed out, in a statement a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb, that this includes about 1500 persons who are permanently disabled, in addition to a very big number of other psychological and physical disabilities.

The department declared in its statement, marking on Sunday the anniversary of the International Day of Disabled Persons, that the lives of the Palestinian disabled persons have become extremely bitter, pointing out that there is a severe weakness in capabilities and resources in a way that does not meet their main living requirements and special needs.

 Shortage, demands
The statement pointed out that the sector of the disabled whose number reached high rates due to the occupation crimes, lacks material resources, professionals and specialized rehabilitation programs and reintegration in the society in both government and civil sides, and the weakness of coordination among all authorities that offer rehabilitating, social and psychological services in the Palestinian society.

It demanded the government to quickly apply the Palestinian law of the Disabled and provide job opportunities for them in a way that addresses their disabilities to guarantee a good living conditions for them, in addition to activating the joint action among various societal institutions to push up the status quo of the disabled persons in Palestine through coordinating between them and serving the targets and needs of the disabled persons.

Also, the statement called on the Palestinian society, ministries, civil organizations, social and political powers and the intellectuals to press seriously for giving a priority to the issues of those handicapped persons , especially through establishing medical, educational and vocational rehabilitation centers to address the increasing numbers of the Palestinian disabled and injured persons and lay down integrated national and vocational plans for rehabilitating the disabled and reintegrating them in the society and respecting their humanity.

It urged the international community to exercise pressures on Israel to make it stop its ongoing aggression and its targeting civilians and not respecting the principles of the international law and the human rights agreements, and demanding it to lift all forms of blockade over the Palestinian people.

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