OCHA: 313 Palestinian structures demolished in 2010

OCHA: 313 Palestinian structures demolished in 2010

 A report issued by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in its monthly report that the Israeli occupation authorities demolished 313 Palestinian structures in the first ten months of 2010.

The report also highlighted the settlers’ disruption of the olive harvest in the West Bank and the effects of the Israeli war on Gaza on the olive harvest there:

"The olive harvest, which officially began in October, was repeatedly disrupted by violent attacks from Israeli settlers. During the month, over 3,700 olive trees were burned, uprooted, killed with chemicals or otherwise vandalized."

" the Gaza Strip, most of the olive groves that existed in areas up to 1,500 meters from the fence with Israel (17 percent of Gaza’s territory), were uprooted during Israel’s ‘Cast Lead’ offensive and the incursions conducted on a regular basis since then (including 19 this month). Access to the remaining trees in these areas is prevented by Israeli forces, through the opening of ‘warning fire’ of live rounds. In October, 11 civilians were injured in these areas, including one elderly farmer who was picking olives. None of these cases has led to the opening of an investigation."

On the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip the report said: "Despite the recent increase in the volume and variety of imports, the entire population of Gaza remains subjected to collective punishment. The bulk of the population remains ‘locked in’ as a result of the general ban on the movement of people through the crossing with Israel and Egypt. While the latter (Rafah) has been operating on a daily basis since last July, only limited categories of people are allowed to cross. Moreover, the sweeping restrictions on the import of basic construction materials and on the export of goods continued to impede economic recovery, as well as the ability to address immense, and growing, housing and infrastructure needs.

On demolitions: "In October, a total of 25 structures were demolished in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, displacing 39 Palestinians and affecting at least 76 others. In the first ten months of 2010, a total of 313 Palestinian structures were demolished in these areas.6 While this represent an increase compared to the number of structures demolished during the parallel period in 2009 (255), fewer people have been displaced in 2010 demolitions (402 compared to 546). Two of this month’s demolitions occurred in the context of a military operation in the Israeli controlled area of Hebron (H2), while the rest were carried out due to the lack of Israeli-issued building permits."

The report also talked about torture of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli interrogations centers and jails, but ignored torture in PA jails.