OCHA: Most Gaza people still suffer from power crisis

OCHA: Most Gaza people still suffer from power crisis

GAZA, — The UN office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs (OCHA) said most of Gaza residents still suffer from power outages due to the low supplies of industrial fuel used to operate the only electric station in the Strip, warning that the crisis may escalate.

The OCHA added in a report on Saturday that the fuel shipments allowed into Gaza decreased again, where nearly one million liters was received by the Gaza power station last week.

It noted that this amount represents 33 percent of Gaza needs of fuel supplies used for electricity, adding that the imports of cooking gas also remarkably declined compared to the previous week.

In another context, the Brussels-based European campaign to end the siege started a week ago to hold meetings with lawmakers across the European continent to brief them on the humanitarian situation in the besieged Gaza Strip.

The European campaign said in a statement that it has held so far eight meetings with lawmakers from Britain, Switzerland and Belgium as well as from the European parliament in Brussels, affirming that this campaign will continue until the last third of next month.

It added that it prepared in this regard a comprehensive report on all aspects of life in impoverished Gaza, especially the living conditions of children.