‏OIC Calls for Long-Term Programmes for Reconstruction the flood Affected areas in Pakistan

‏OIC Calls for Long-Term Programmes for Reconstruction the flood Affected areas in Pakistan
The Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu called upon the IDB, in consultation with the government of Pakistan, to work out long-term programmes for the reconstruction and rehabilitation needs of the flood affected areas in Pakistan.

He made this statement at the Emergency Meeting of OIC Humanitarian Partners on the Pakistani Flood Disaster in Islamabad on Sunday 29 August 2010.

The Secretary General stressed that Plans for medium and long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation are as important as the humanitarian relief efforts. "We need to put in place sustainable support mechanisms. Otherwise, the affected population will remain vulnerable to the threats of disease, poverty and destitution" he said. He added that OIC recognizes the urgent need for developing its capacity to respond to natural disasters and other emergencies in more effective manner.

Prof. Ihsanoglu emphasized on the need to establish an early warning, contingency planning and emergency response mechanisms within the OIC. He said that the fourth Meeting of the Islamic Environment Ministers which will be held in Tunis from 5-6 October 2010 has “Natural Disasters and Prevention Ways” as its central theme. Prof. Ihsanoglu welcomed any suggestions form the Conference on the ways and means for creating emergency response mechanisms for dealing with natural disasters in the OIC countries.

The secretary General noted that Islamabad’s meeting was held to assess the humanitarian needs of the flood victims and examine ways and means of extending meaningful support to address the situation arising from the flood disaster. "The enormity of the challenge is unprecedented in modern history. The loss of hundreds of invaluable human lives cannot be compensated for" Ihsanoglu said.

He highlighted the efforts of the OIC General Secretariat in advocacy and awareness to mobilize the resources of the Ummah. "We have so far made three appeals to the OIC Member States, its civil society and international community at large, to come forward to assist Pakistan and its people. A special OIC account for Pakistan has been established in Jeddah and we are initiating another account in Pakistan" the Secretary General Said.

He reiterated his call to the international community and the Islamic world in particular at the level of states, institutions and individuals to extend urgent in-kind and financial support for flood relief efforts in Pakistan. Ihsanoglu assured the people of Pakistan of the solidarity and support of the OIC and international community at large.