• October 25, 2008

OIC condemns repeated Israeli aggressions on Aqsa Mosque

OIC condemns repeated Israeli aggressions on Aqsa Mosque

The organization of Islamic conference”s secretary general, Ekmal Eddine Ihsanoglu, has strongly condemned the repeated storming of the holy Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem at the hands of fanatic Jews.

The secretary general, in a statement, denounced the desecration of the holy Islamic site, and noted that the Jewish fanatics performed religious rituals inside the Aqsa”s plazas in violation of its sanctity.

He also lashed out at the Israeli police for providing protection for those “aggressors”, and stressed his absolute rejection of such aggressions and the allegation by the Israeli occupation municipality that the Aqsa plazas were public plazas. He asserted that those plazas were part and parcel of the Haram Al-Sharif, which is in its entirety an Islamic Wakf (endowment).”

Ihsanoglu pointed out that repeating such “provocative acts” would only heighten tensions and would lead to “very serious consequences” if the Aqsa Mosque was harmed.