OIC hails Costa Rica and El-Salvador decision to close embassies in occupied Jerusalem

Jamal Aldeen Ehsan Oglu, the organization of Islamic conference’s secretary general, hailed Monday Costa Rica and El-Salvador’s decision to close their embassies in occupied Jerusalem considering that the step was in harmony with international legitimacy resolutions.

He recalled that UNSC resolution 478 issued in 1980 considered Israel’s declaration of unified Jerusalem as its capital as null and void and called on all countries to close their embassies in the holy city.

In a statement on behalf of the Jeddah-based OIC, Oglu renewed the organization’s rejection to Israel’s use of force to impose de facto situations, and called on all countries to reject such policy and its results that undermine chances for peace in the Middle East.

He asserted that the only way to achieve peace in the region is for Israel to withdraw from all Palestinian and Arab lands occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem, and the establishment of the independent state of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.