Olmert says he will not attack Gaza if homemade missiles are halted

Olmert says he will not attack Gaza if homemade missiles are halted

After failing to stop the resistance homemade missiles through brutal military means, the Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, announced on Wednesday evening that the IOF will not attack Gaza if the Palestinian resistance stops firing homemade missiles at Israeli colonies.

“If there is no Qassam fire on Israel, there will be no Israeli attack on Gaza” Olmert said according to the evening bulletin of the Israeli radio.

Olmert claimed that the whole aim of the IOF campaign was to prevent shooting at Israeli residents.

Olmert”s change of heart was apparently prompted by his conviction that his occupation army has failed in its mission to stop the Palestinian resistance missiles from slamming into Israeli settlements despite its five day murderous campaign which resulted in the death of more than 120 Palestinians, half of them non-combatants and 25 of them were minors.

A couple of days ago, Olmert asserted before the security and foreign affairs committee of the Israeli Knesset (parliament) that all options were open for Israel to stop the rockets and undermine Hamas.

Israeli internal security minister Avi Dichter dropped a bombshell on Sunday when he announced that the Israeli military operation in Gaza failed to achieve its objectives after Palestinian primitive rockets kept on falling on Israeli settlements despite the intensive Israeli air strikes on the Strip.

“After five days of fighting, the Israeli army failed to carry out its mission in stopping Palestinian missiles from hitting the Israeli colonies”, Dichter was quoted by Hebrew media outlets as asserting.

Hamas had in the past accepted ceasefire deals negotiated through third parties with the Israeli but the occupation has always failed to comply with the terms causing the ceasefire to collapse.

Dr. Zahhar was asked on Wednesday, in an interview on Aqsa TV, whether Hamas would be willing to enter into a Tahde”a (truce), he said yes providing it is in Gaza and the West Bank and is reciprocated by the Israelis, in addition to lifting the economic siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.