Olmert threatens to paralyze Hamas’s strength

Olmert threatens to paralyze Hamas’s strength

Apparently shocked by the stunning Palestinian resistance attack on the Nahul Oz crossing point on Wednesday, Israeli premier Ehud Olmert threatened he will “paralyze” the activities of Hamas Movement.

The attack on the IOF base in Nahul Oz killed three Israeli soldiers and wounded more than six others according to Israeli records. None of the attackers was harmed, Palestinian sources confirmed.

Olmert”s pledge came as he addressed members of his Kadima ruling party where he vowed not to allow Hamas work in the same form she works today.

Local observers considered the statements of Olmert and other Israeli officials in which they blamed Hamas for the attack although the Movement”s fighters weren’t part of the attacking team as a sign of “deep shock” over the stunning assault.

Hebrew sources quoted Olmert as saying before his party members that Hamas was responsible for what is happening in the “south”, and that the Israeli retaliation to the attack would “paralyze” Hamas and would disable it from carrying out its activities.

“It doesn’t matter to which faction the attackers belong…. Hamas is the one controlling the Gaza Strip, and she should bear the repercussions of the attack”, Olmert was furthermore quoted as asserting.

Olmert also vowed before his comrades that he will unleash an all-out war against Hamas, saying “I pledge before you that our retaliation against Hamas will be in a form that she won”t be capable of attacking Israel or acting against Israeli citizens [in the future]”.

Unshaken Hamas:
For its part, Hamas Movement underlined that the threats of Olmert don’t frighten it, describing Israeli threats of targeting Hamas”s senior political leaders as “ridiculous”.

“The Israeli threats of targeting Hamas”s political and military leaders of the Qassam Brigades are silly as we used to hear such threats in the aftermath of every Palestinian resistance armed operation against the Israeli occupation”, confirmed Abu Obaida, the spokesman of the Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas.

But he warned in statements he made to one of the QB websites on the internet that if the Israeli “enemy” carried out its threats, then it will be considered as an “Israeli decision of exploding matters in the region in an unprecedented form as the round will be very hot and Israel would pay a very high price”.