• Lebanon
  • July 24, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

Olmert’s War On Lebanon Will Not Succeed

The well-known Israeli writer Uri Avnery has charged that the Israeli premier Ehud Olmert is indeed dreaming if he thinks he would achieve victory in Lebanon in his current war on that Arab country.

Avnery who heads the Israeli Peace Now Bloc made a comparison between the current Israeli war on Lebanon and the 1982 Israeli all-out-war launched against that country, adding that both wars are similar in reasons and objectives.

In an article published in his Bloc’s website, Avnery charged that the real objective behind Olmert’s war on Lebanon is to change the current rule in Lebanon and install another one directly attached to Israel, which was the same objective of the 1982 military campaign led by Ariel Sharon, the then Israeli war minister that ended in total failure.

He even accused the Israeli military top brass and the political leadership of exploiting “small incidents”, in allusion to the capturing of two Israeli soldiers at the hands of Hizbullah fighters, to justify their bloody crimes in Lebanon, adding that the same thing was made when the defunct Abu Nidhal group attempted to assassinate the Israeli ambassador in London, which was then exploited as a pretext for the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

“This huge military operation in Gaza Strip and Lebanon was prepared months ago by the IOF top military officers, who succeeded in selling the idea of liberating the captured Israeli soldiers to the Israeli public to rally them behind their campaigns in Gaza Strip and Lebanon”, wrote Avnery.

He underlined in his article that the IOF top brass have secondary objectives out of the military campaign on Lebanon that don’t include the freeing of the captured soldiers as everyone knows that military actions will not set them free, but rather, according to him, the military top brass opted at destroying Hizbullah missile arsenal that was compiled over the past years.

The Israeli writer underscored that the idea of installing an Israeli puppet at the Lebanese presidency chair wasn’t isolated as former Israeli premier David Ben Gurion attempted to appoint a Christian dictator as Lebanon’s president in 1955 but his plan was aborted.

Sharon, Avnery continued, repeated the same thing 27 years later when he helped in the appointment of Bashir Al-Jemayyel, his main ally during the 1982 war on Lebanon, as president, but the later was assassinated before assuming office.

His brother Amin Al-Jemayyel, who is currently supporting Olmert’s military campaign against his country, had signed a peace deal with Israel that cost him his post, according to Avnery’s article.

In conclusion, Avnery opined that Olmert will fail in proving himself as a replica of Sharon, which he was currently attempting to portray.

In a related matter, an Israeli intelligence report asserted that the Israeli political and military leaderships have failed so far in achieving any of the outlined objectives of the current military campaign.

According to the report, the campaign should have achieved its military and political goals within 4 days; yet the campaign is entering its 12th day with Hizbullah still “alive and kicking”.