• August 24, 2014
  • 3 minutes read

Omaima Hazem, Zaynab Mahmoud – Latest Victims of Al-Sisi Junta Bullets

Omaima Hazem, Zaynab Mahmoud – Latest Victims of Al-Sisi Junta Bullets

Sources at the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance said two female anti-coup protesters died on Friday – the latest victims of the relentless military junta repression in Egypt.

Zaynab Mahmoud, the widow of a martyr shot dead by Al-Sisi junta forces in the brutal bloody break-up of the Rabaa Square sit-in a year ago, was shot dead herself on Friday in Ain-​​Shams (east of Cairo), again by Al-Sisi junta forces. They leave behind a nine years old daughter.

Meanwhile, in Alexandria, a young female medical student protester called Omaima Hazem died at dawn on Friday from injuries she sustained a few weeks ago in a pro-democracy demonstration in Agami (west of Alexandria).

One of her friends said Omaima suffered a concussion and internal bleeding after junta thugs threw large pieces of stones on the rally from the top of a building under construction in Agami.

She added that Omaima joined the march although she had a broken arm. Omaima was the daughter of one of the martyrs of anti-coup pro-legitimacy peaceful protests. Also, she was the sister of Huzaifa Hazem, who is being held without trial in a junta jail.

Egypt is experiencing an unprecedented campaign of vindictive atrocities by military junta forces against women and girls who march in demonstrations against Al-Sisi, which include a shoot-to-kill strategy as well as waves of arbitrary arrests and detention, since the violent dispersal of the Rabaa Square protest camp on August 14, 2013.