Omaima Kamel: Women and Copts to Be Represented in Presidential Institution

Omaima Kamel: Women and Copts to Be Represented in Presidential Institution

Dr. Omaima Kamel, Women Affairs spokesperson at Morsi Campaign, affirmed that women are positively represented in Dr. Morsi’s program, noting that it calls for a ‘presidential institution’ in which women would be represented.

Dr. Kamel mentioned that Dr. Morsi pledged to appoint a Copt and a woman as Vice Presidents, assigning to each important dossiers, tasks and powers; because the weight of responsibility is very heavy and their presence is not honorary but to carry forth the interests of the homeland.

During an interview on Channel One’s program ‘Studio 27’, she reiterated that the FJP had the largest number of female candidates in recent parliamentary elections where FJP nominee lists had 76 women.

“In Dr. Morsi’s presidential campaign, too, females play a major role in all events and activities.”

Dr. Kamel further asserted that the presidential program is keen to develop the education of women so they can contribute in the advancement of Egyptian society, noting that the program is based on respect for the role of women.

Moreover, Dr. Kamel said a study confirms that divorce rates are very high, especially in the first year of marriage, mainly as a result of the wife’s immaturity as well as poverty and unemployment. Therefore, the program is to develop girls’ education significantly to achieve stability in new households and secure the future for women and their children.

She added that women are now acting with an increasingly positive attitude, as they turn out at polling stations and stand in long lines in order to participate in the electoral process. She pointed out that although there are many illiterate women, in Egypt today, they participate in the electoral process because they fear a return to the old regime, with its notorious corruption and loathsome repression.

Dr. Kamel called on women not to boycott presidential elections, to help shape their own future and the future of their children and homeland, and to play an active role at this historic moment, and critical stage Egypt is passing through, and to strongly contribute to the rebuilding and renovation of Egypt.

“Women who go to the ballot box must have full knowledge of those they are voting for. They should know all about candidates’ electoral programs, before casting their votes.”