Omar Hayyan al-Razzouk sentenced pursuant to Law 49/1980

Omar Hayyan al-Razzouk sentenced pursuant to Law 49/1980

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has learnt from an appeal sent by the father of the detainee Omar Hayyan al-Razzouk that on 13/12/2009, the Supreme State Security Court (SSSC) sentenced his son to death pursuant to Law 49/1980. His sentence was then reduced to 12 years in prison.

Omar Hayyan al-Razzouk is from the Syrian city of Hama which he has never seen. He was born in Baghdad (1986), and is a student in the University of Technology in Baghdad.

In his appeal, Hayyan al-Razzouk mentioned that he left Syria in 1983 following the massacre of Hama and because he was chased pursuant to law 49/1980. He went to Iraq where he completed his university study and found work. He also mentioned that since he left Syria he has never practised any opposition activities against the Syrian regime. During his long stay in Iraq he had five children, including Omar. When Iraq was subjected to the American occupation and because of the dangers, he decided to send his children to Syria due to his certain knowledge that they were independent and not inclined to any party or political affiliation. Therefore, his son Omar contacted the Syrian embassy in Baghdad to inquire about the possibility of travelling to Syria and staying there. He explained to them everything in his life. The embassy staff welcomed his return, encouraged him and provided him with a document to facilitate his return. On 15/11/2005, Omar left Baghdad to Syria, but was arrested at the first official border check point and sent to the branch of the Military Intelligence in Damascus. He was then cast in Sednaya Prison. 

In his appeal, Omar’s father called upon every leader he loves and to everyone who refuses injustice and oppression, and to all those who are concerned in human rights that his son had been brought before Judge Fayez al-Nouri at the SSSC more than ten times on charges of membership of the Muslim Brotherhood. Each time Omar affirmed that he had no relation whatsoever neither with the Brotherhood nor others.

He continued that the verdict issued against his son two days ago meant the crushing of his future, and that this unfair sentence, which lacks justice and equity, will torture him and torment his family throughout it’s length.

Omar’s father concluded his appeal by calling upon the concerned human rights groups to strive to visit Sednaya prison and to get the truth directly from his son and to act to put an end to the injustice and set him free.

SHRC addresses the Syrian authorities, requesting the immediate release of Omar Hayyan al-Razouk and all detainees on the background of Law 49/1980, to abolish the said infamous law, to act and put an end to despotic and random detention and to allow the return of the forced exiles to their country without fear of arrest or further security restrictions.

Syrian Human Rights Committee