• October 14, 2013
  • 8 minutes read

On Al-Adha Feast for Martyrs, Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Calls ‘Pray for Egypt’ Major March

On Al-Adha Feast for Martyrs, Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Calls ‘Pray for Egypt’ Major March

 The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance offers its highest congratulations, finest blessings and most sincere prayers for the patriotic Egyptian people on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha. May God indeed make it an occasion of peace, well-being and blessings for us all and for the whole Muslim nation.

May God grant patience and consolation for the families of the martyrs. We hope for a great reward for the injured, the detained as well as the martyrs.

The days of Eid are days of happiness and joy. The days of Eid Al-Adha are days of victory and celebration. Through them, God brings ease to the hearts of the believers, the steadfast, the diligent and the brave.

The days of Eid Al-Adha are days in which we seek inspiration in the meanings of sacrifice. How happy is the one who offered and gave, and spent and sacrificed, and waited for the reward! These are the ones truly deserving of happiness, and they are the ones who deserve the highest Reward, God willing.

God has ordained that happiness for some, during the Eid, would be in meeting their loved ones of this life, relatives and friends. God has granted His favor unto others that their happiness would be in martyrdom and in paradise, meeting their loved ones, Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) and his noble companions.

Our most sincere congratulations to you, noble martyrs, and to your families, the families of heroes, families of steadfastness, dignity and nobility. You are the shining light of Egypt, its fruitful blessing. Our congratulations to you on the day of your Eid of Reward from the Most Generous, the All-Powerful Bestower.

The Alliance offers special congratulations and greetings to the young men and women of Egypt, and its men and women, who persevered in patience and constancy, strengthened each other, and sacrificed everything of value for the sake of their homeland’s freedom and dignity, for the sake of a free and dignified life, so no oppressor would repress or humiliate them, and no tyrant oppress and enslave them.

Those patriotic men and women, of all ages, are still abiding by their word, showing the finest examples of giving and sacrifice, filling pages of history with letters of light and ink of gold. There are no people who have opposed a military coup as the great Egyptian people have done.

The Alliance calls upon all honest and sincere people of Egypt to participate in the ‘Pray for Egypt’ million-man march. This will be from Noon of the Day of Arafah until Sunset of that same sacred day for Muslims, following the example of the pilgrims performing Hajj in their stand and prayers on that day.

Prayer is the most effective and powerful weapon owned by the believer. So, let us pray for Egypt, for all that is good, that God will give victory to truth and justice, that He defeats in our homeland oppression and injustice, that He ends in it repression and treachery and punishes accordingly those who practice them.

We pray that God cleanses Egypt of the scholars of evil, discord, sedition and bloodshed, that He makes an example of every person who extended a hostile hand towards a Muslim and killed him, that God completes our victory and brings out the truth.

So expend an effort in your prayers. That is a day in which an answer to them is hoped for. So, do not lose this gracious opportunity from your Lord.

Let the Eid prayers – in the length and breadth of the country, its east and west, to God the Glorious and Majestic – be instances of being in the presence of the Creator and the tradition of His Prophet Mohamed, peace and blessings be upon him.

Let the Eid prayers be instances of closeness and togetherness with families, spouses and offspring, bringing them happiness as commanded by our Lord, and as advised by our Prophet, peace be upon him.

Our prayers will be in every square and every open space, with no discrimination or monopoly, one people, one land, one Lord, in spite of the plots, whims and desires of certain haters.

Finally, we wish that every year will find you well, dignified, victorious, full of hope and determination, firm belief and patience, until God completes the destiny He has ordained for us, of good, dignity and progress for Egypt.

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: October 13, 2013