On Al Azhar’s Protests: A Parade of Foolishness

“Speechless” could be the best word to describe my reaction when I first saw some MB students in Al Azhar University’s protest a few days ago wearing black masks and costumes and performing a set of martial arts on campus. “Rage” is what I feel till this moment towards these actions which came out unexpectedly neither from state security forces nor NDP thugs…but from MB protestors!
I can’t make sense or understand how this in any way could be an act of protest against the university’s expulsion of MB student activists earlier this month. I’ve read and listened to some MB statements condemning this incident…but in the same statement, they’re excusing the students for reacting this way as a reaction against the injustice inflicted upon them!
No! And I say it out loud; there are no excuses for students affiliated to the MB or any other group or organization to wear black masks on campus – or any other place – and perform acts which couldn’t be understood but being acts of threat and intimidation. If this protest was meant to show off some skills or strength among MB youth…it actually showed off nothing but foolishness, immaturity and irresponsibility.
Intimidating fellow citizens – whoever the person is or for whatever reason – in this manner isn’t by any means justifiable by the prophet Mohammed’s Sunna, Imam Banna’s teachings or MB literature.
 Injustice, imprisonment and even torture have been inflicted upon the MB for decades and not a single incident has been recorded of such sort at any point of time. MB has been always known for being an organization that pursues its goals through peaceful and legitimate means which are far from Al Azhar students’ approach.
If the students were successful in anything, they were successful in creating a “justifiable” sense of distrust and threat among the society’s different factions and segments.
Indeed, it would take a lot of time and effort to regain people’s confidence and trust towards an organization that is already being wrongfully and heavily attacked and stereotyped by many groups all over the world.
As a member of this organization, I condemn and denounce this shameful incident and any similar acts that could propagate harm Egypt’s social harmony and propagate a false image of the MB. The organization’s leadership’s condemnation of this incident isn’t enough…tough and strict measures must be taken against whoever distorts or damage our values, policies and everything we stand for. I say this not in the defense of an organization that I respect and belong to…but ultimately, in the defense of what is right.


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