On Forced Disappearance Day, Muslim Brotherhood Vows Revolution Until Coup Defeat

On Forced Disappearance Day, Muslim Brotherhood Vows Revolution Until Coup Defeat

 The International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances (August 30) exposes criminals, their accomplices and hypocrites who simply preach about freedoms.

Thugs and forces of the military coup regime in Egypt have subjected thousands of citizens to enforced disappearance since July 3, 2013. This affirms that forced disappearance is in fact a matter of policy for this traitorous coup, which has no regard whatsoever for the most basic human rights.

Apart from the fact that enforced disappearance is a crime in itself, the most dangerous aspect of it is the extrajudicial killings, torture and gruesome atrocities used to extract false confessions from innocent citizens for fabricated crimes they did not commit.

Day after day, this heinous crime is being committed more frequently. More and more citizens, including young people, are targeted. And always, the perpetrators go unpunished, while facts are hidden under the rubble of lies propagated by the coup’s Interior Ministry, amid conniving silence of institutions and organizations meant to defend human rights, all of which collaborate with the military coup regime.

The military junta continues to commit more crimes through its brutal repressive security machine and treacherous corrupt (civilian and military) judiciary. This will not help the junta dodge responsibility or accountability.

We reject and denounce the slowdown in the activation of the Convention Against Enforced Disappearances and the fact that the UN has abandoned its role in the implementation of the Convention’s provisions, especially in light of transformation of "forced disappearances" in the era of the military coup regime into a strategy to instill fear within society and terrorize innocent people.

Our revolutionary choice requires that we – together with all supporters of freedom and human rights – must continue our peaceful struggle and our resistance until the overthrow and defeat of the coup, until the coup commanders and officials are tried for all their crimes, and until the Egyptian people regain their freedom, dignity and their will.

Hassan Saleh

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Tuesday – August 30, 2016