On its 2nd anniversary, Kifaya demonstrates in Central Cairo

Kifaya movement staged on Tuesday a demonstration in which 1000 members and supporters participated, to mark its second anniversary in central Cairo.

Its demonstrator were scattered in front of the Bar and Press syndicates.
Kifaya called for staging the large demonstration in front of the Supreme Court house but, because of the security forces, it was divided into two: the first demonstration was at the Press Syndicate and the second at the Bar association.

Cairo’s streets witnessed huge security presence to prevent holding this demonstration; the security tried to prevent the demonstrators from the very beginning from gathering to organize the demonstration and arrested some of them. However, the demonstrators managed to penetrate the security blockade in central Cairo and organized their demonstration.

The security treated the demonstrators with cruelty during the demonstration when the demonstrators attempted to break the security blockade imposed on them in front of the two syndicates; they found security forces attacking the scene; the security tried to disperse the demonstrators who gathered outside and attempted to break the security cordon.

The demonstrators chanted fiery slogans against the Egyptian regime, demanding president Mubarak to step down, saying” Mubarak, that’s enough, past terms are enough!”; also, the demonstrators raised placards in solidarity with the Lebanese opposition, and chanted slogans against Siniora’s government in Lebanon demanding toppling it, saying” Bush is the origin, Mubarak and Siniora are flipsides”.

The demonstrators raised placards condemning the severe price hikes; one of the demonstrators said that the Egyptian government is no longer caring for the people and their interests; the regime cares only for itself and its officials’ personal interests are a priority. Also, the demonstrators wrote the scandals of the Egyptian regime in papers on the placards and raised them in front of the security, demanding the Egyptian regime and the Arab tyrannical regimes to step down.